In January 2020, AAS joined hands with CRY, focusing on education and protection in 15 areas spanning Dewas and Indore. With a primary focus on adolescent girls, we reached 7,000 households, impacting 5,000 children. Our intervention included establishing resource centers in seven areas, conducting sessions on the importance of education, assisting with documentation, and implementing bridge courses for nonschool-going children. Life skills sessions and a menstrual hygiene drive, distributing pads and soaps, further enriched the program. Educational sessions delved into crucial topics such as protection against abuse, cyber safety, child labor, and child marriage. AAS actively engaged with Village Child Protection Committees, conducting rescue operations in Dewas areas to liberate children from exploitative labor and early marriages. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to creating impactful change in the lives of children, fostering resilient futures, and safeguarding childhood through education and community engagement.