Director's Message

 Dear esteemed stakeholders, as we begin yet another extraordinary year, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude and respect for the constant support and dedication we have received during our joint effort to make the world a better place. As we continue to learn, develop, and have an impact on the lives of people we serve, the annual report for 2021–2022 reflects an important turning point in our journey of social development. As I think back on the last year, I am reminded of the priceless lessons we have acquired throughout the course of our 18-year journey. We launched a parent engagement program after realizing the crucial role that parental involvement plays in helping children develop to their full potential. We also learned about the complex web of interconnected problems that have a significant impact on women's and children's wellbeing. In response, we stepped up our efforts to guarantee adequate healthcare and enhance learning environments, notably in government schools. Thanks to the assistance of our respected donor organizations, recent years saw our entry into the field of adolescent and youth development. In order to empower and elevate the future generation, we excitedly intend to increase our interventions in this field as well. We have always been more successful when we work together, and this year was no exception thanks to our collaborations with the ACG Cares Foundation, Opportunity International, Commutiny - The Youth Collective, and CRY. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of our donor organizations, our community clients, particularly the children, the education department, the police department, the women and child development department, and the labor department for their unwavering support in every intervention we undertook for the growth and protection of children. We are relentless in our pursuit of building child-friendly towns, and we know that it will take all of your support and collaboration to realize this goal. I'd want to close by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of our partners, sponsors, and stakeholders who have encouraged us and shared our belief in a better future. The annual report for 2022–2023 not only documents our advancement but also embodies the tireless work and steadfast spirit of every member of our organization. Let's continue to create a world that values and cares for its children, offering opportunity, compassion, and hope to everyone. With sincere appreciation, On behalf of AAs Family

Waseem Iqbal
Director, AAs Indore