About Us

Who are we?

AAs - which in Hindi means Hope, was established in May.   2005 to create a child friendly world for every child. A child friendly world where children have access to each and every resource to ensure their survival, Development, protection and participation.

AAs has adopted its 5Ps model i.e. Protection of every child from any abuse, Prevention by engaging all the direct and indirect stakeholders by conducting sensitization workshops and training programmes for creating child friendly atmospheres, Peoples Participation to ensure the participation every stakeholder i.e. children, parents, child care institutions, Police and other line departments to ensure their participation for creating child friendly spaces, Partnership in terms of knowledge and resource partnership with the likeminded organization and Propagate the child rights issues at different forums to influence decision makers to develop child friendly policies and laws in the country. AAs always explore partnerships and projects interventions in a way by which we can achieve all of our 5Ps for creating child friendly world. 

AAS is also registered under FCRA, 12A and 80G. AAS believes to work with a theme of Knowledge and Resource partnership. It runs different projects in close coordination with different government departments such as Indore Police, Municipal Corporation, Labour Department, Women and Child Development Department etc 


To align with various government initiatives aimed at enhancing the conditions of marginalized groups such as Schedule Castes and Tribes, women, children, and other underprivileged segments of society.. To organize educational campaigns in both rural and urban regions with the objective of enhancing the physical and mental well-being of individuals. To establish connections and collaborations with the health department in order to provide essential healthcare services to vulnerable populations. To promote knowledge and comprehension regarding our fundamental rights and fundamental duties among individuals through awareness campaigns and educational initiatives. To create and showcase sustainable systems for environmental preservation, sanitation, and waste recycling, emphasizing long-term viability and effectiveness. To conduct studies and research in relevant fields with the aim of comprehending and evolving effective strategies for improved governance and development. To actively contribute towards fostering communal harmony within society through various initiatives, actions, and endeavors. To engage in efforts aimed at rehabilitating individuals who are physically or mentally disadvantaged, female sex workers, and other marginalized groups in society. To establish sustainable livelihood opportunities, develop essential resources and infrastructure, and improve accessibility to resources for impoverished communities. To establish self-help groups in both urban and rural areas, with the objective of promoting savings habits and exploring diverse livelihood options to foster economic development.