Empowering Adolescent Girls through Digital Learning

 A 17-year-old girl named Asha (Name changed) started coming to the digital learning Center and was eager to learn everything all at once. She has completed her class 12th and was searching for a job as her family was struggling financially. Asha lives with her parents and has two elder sisters who are married. Her father used to work at a factory but couldn’t continue as His family members help him financially, but the money is not enough to sustain their living. Aasha started searching for a decent job after finishing her twelfth class but is not allowed to go too far. The job she was getting near her home require computer skills which she did not know. Asha is a regular at coming to the resource center and as soon as Aasha heard about the DLC, she was the first one to enrol herself. She was eager to learn. She used to stay even after the classes and spent extra time to learn computer. She borrowed a book from the resource center and learnt as much as she can. After one month of joining the DLC, she reapplied and got the data-entry job nearby to her home. She dreams to learn the advanced lever computer and work with a company. She also wants to pursue a degree in computer engineering which she will apply for in the upcoming session.